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At Yelling Mule we take pride in creating beautiful, award winning websites that are clean, user friendly and mobile responsive to work on all devices. Our process focuses on your business needs and objectives to ensure that your new site ranks well on search engines and leads to more conversions. We work with all major content management systems including WordPress and Shopify as well as custom development for more advanced websites, apps or eCommerce systems.

Website Services

Web Design

Our proprietary eight step process ensures your new website is exactly what you want and will deliver the results you expect. Through a completely transparent, collaborative process between you and our talented team of account managers, designers, developers and populating experts we present you with five approval points. These include design proofs, front-end development, back-end development / integrations and content approval. This means when it comes time for final approval there are no surprises or unnecessary delays making changes to designs after the site has been coded.

Custom Development

A well-designed website is worthless if it does not function flawlessly. As Boston web development professionals, we will have your website running effortlessly; void of errors, slow loading times, and lack of scalability. Our team of web developers have years of experience building websites that are error free, responsive, lightening fast, and scalable. Our development team can build anything; from custom eCommerce stores to SAAS systems to iPhone apps. If you can dream it, we can build it.


If your company is selling a product, an online store is a necessity for your website. We will create a user-friendly and easily-managed store for your customers to shop in 24/7. Your store can include reviews, social media integration and wishlists as well as user accounts, allowing customers to save their shipping and billing information, making future purchases more convenient. We’ve worked with all of the top payment processors, shipping integrations and inventory management systems so getting your store online and integrated with your existing systems wont be a headache.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We believe you should be able to easily edit every part of your website, from the logo in the header to the address in the footer and everything in-between. Our talented team of developers are experts in WordPress, Shopify and custom CMS systems and these make editing your site a breeze. Menus are easy to update with new pages and ordering with easy drag/drop functionality and editing or adding a new page is as easy as editing a Word document. Our customized and recorded (video + audio) training session will give you the confidence to take control of your new site.

The most user friendly WordPress editor ever.

With MuleFlex you can see exactly how your pages will look as you build them. No web design or coding experience necessary. Works with new designs or we can easily convert any existing site.

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Our Process

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The “Discovery Phase” is when we lay out the entire project from start to finish. You will sit down with our team including the account manager, creative director and lead developer to go over the project to make sure everyone is on the same page. We will ask a series of questions about your brand, designs you like/dislike, goals of the site, etc. We will then put together a full spec sheet and wireframes and get started on the initial design proofs.

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UX / Wireframing

Once the site map and overall page goals are decided upon we will begin working on the user experience. This includes placement of calls to action on pages, the flow of the site, making sure it is easy to use, etc. These are generally internal documents that we use to put together the design proofs, unless it’s a more complicated site with multiple user personas, goals, etc.

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Responsive Design

Our designers will put together a site design based on the conversation in the Discovery Meeting, your notes and samples of sites that you like. It will then be sent over for your approval before front-end development begins. This proof will be a fully designed page with placeholder photos, text, etc. that is intended to nail down the overall design of the site, not the final content.

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The back-end development includes integrating your new designs and front-end into the content management system of choice (WordPress, Shopify, etc.). We will build out all of the pages, integrate any 3rd party systems such as CRMs, analytics, etc. and make sure every piece of the site is easily editable by you or your team. This is also where we ensure the site is secure, scalable and utilizes tools to ensure fast load times and search engine optimization.

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After we’ve integrated all of the pages into the content management system we’ll take the content for the site and populate the pages. This includes photos, icons, tables and anything else the page needs to look great and perform great with the content for that page.

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Testing / QA

Throughout the development process we will be testing the functionality and appearance on multiple browser platforms. Once the site has been fully populated and is in preparation to go live we will initiate an extensive QA session on the complete site that includes a 50-point checklist and internal testing by our team.

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This is the exciting part! After your site has been thoroughly tested, optimized for search engines, and designed exactly how you want down to the last pixel, we go live. Our team has experience working with both large and small hosting and domain providers, and can provide recommendations for where your site should live to allow for best performance in terms of speed and usability.

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All of our sites have a 30 day maintenance period, meaning if you don’t love something, we’ll change it, free of charge. After the 30 days, we offer a number of maintenance solutions, including our ongoing WordPress maintenance plan, blocks of work hours at a discounted rate, and retainer contracts so we can become your web company of record.

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From eCommerce to email marketing to CRM integrations we can fully integrate any tool needed to ensure your site delivers results and fits seamlessly into your existing work flow.

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