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Keep your WordPress site secure, optimized and updated.

Although your site may not need frequent updates to the content, it is important to make sure your WordPress install and plugins are kept up to date to ensure the security and reliability of your site. Even if right now your WordPress install and all plugins are running the most up to date versions, this could change at any time as updates are constantly being released by WordPress and plugin developers to fix bugs, security holes, etc. Without ongoing maintenance your site is at risk of potential hacks, slow load times or bugs caused by out of date plugins.

With our monthly maintenance plan you can be assured that your site will be in good hands and available when it needs to be. Our plan covers the following:

Initial Setup

  • Assign an account manager to help with any questions, site updates, etc.
  • Provide access to our project management system for questions or update requests
  • Install security and monitoring tools to ensure your site is running at 100%
  • Privacy policy that automatically updates whenever the law changes in your state

Daily Mule Force Protection

  • Monitor your website to make sure it’s online and functioning properly
  • Backup the site and database in real time with 1 year backup archives
  • Scan your site to make sure it’s free of malware and viruses
  • Remove malware and implement fixes to prevent future attacks
  • Firewall to monitor and block suspicious users, bots, etc.


  • Update WordPress software to the most recent version
  • Update all plugins to their most recent version
  • Perform an overall status check of your site to check for performance issues, broken links, etc.


  • On demand in depth SEO report with changes in search rankings, competitor analysis, traffic and much more
  • On demand keyword research, consulting and copywriting
  • On demand Google Analytics consulting, review and optimization


  • Perform requested website updates as needed at a discounted hourly rate
  • Quarterly meetings to review site issues, suggestions and plugin statuses


  • $2,499 annually



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