Breaking Down the Tuft & Needle Mattress Warranty

Having trouble reading the 10-year limited warranty for your new Tuft & Needle bed? We’ve got you covered in this warranty breakdown, including what’s covered, how to file a claim, and FAQs about the fine print.

By Rachael Harris

Sep 3rd, 2020

We’re guessing that you recently purchased a new Tuft & Needle mattress. Congrats! We consider T&N models to be some of the best mattresses for bed-in-a-box shoppers on a budget. They are loved by side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers alike. 

Warranties can be tricky to navigate. We totally get it, which is why we studied the entire Tuft & Needle mattress warranty for you—including fine print—and condensed it into this quick and simple guide. In our breakdown, we tell you what the T&N warranty covers, what it doesn’t cover, how you can void your warranty, and how to file a claim.

What Does the Tuft & Needle Warranty Cover?

The Tuft & Needle mattress warranty covers all of their mattress models, including the Tuft & Needle Original Foam Mattress, Hybrid Mattress, Mint Mattress, and Amazon exclusive Nod mattress. The warranty starts on the day after your 100-night sleep trial ends and lasts for 10 years. 

It covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects, which include the following:

  • Body impressions or indentations in the T&N Adaptive Foam top layer and base layer deeper than 0.75″ (they must be obvious without any weight on the mattress)
  • Errors in the dimension of the mattress that are greater than 1” (ex: a queen size mattress that is 1” short of a standard queen size bed frame)
  • Sagging, as long as you’ve used a strong enough bed frame or foundation for the entire time you’ve owned the mattress
  • Splits or cracks in the foam layers that aren’t the result of improper storage or handling
  • Tears in the mattress cover fabric or unraveling of the stitching along the seams

If your mattress does have one of these defects, T&N will decide whether to send you a whole new mattress or repair your original. If they opt to replace it, they’ll send you the same model, or if it’s retired, a model that most closely resembles your original.

What Doesn’t It Cover?

T&N doesn’t cover a handful of damages to their mattresses. We rounded up a comprehensive list of what’s NOT covered by your T&N mattress warranty:

  • Any perceived changes in comfort, such as pressure relief, motion transfer, edge support, etc. (these kinds of defects are subjective and can’t be proven, so they aren’t covered)
  • Perceived changes in the effectiveness of the cooling gel beads or graphite in the comfort layers
  • Any damages caused by abuse, misuse, or neglect of the mattress, which basically means using the mattress for anything other than sleeping, lounging, and sex
  • Medical bills for back pain or other injuries you believe to be caused by your T&N mattress
  • Mattresses used for commercial use, such as hotels or rentals
  • Small imperfections or flaws in appearance that don’t alter the effectiveness of the mattress
  • Damages from wet or humid environments, including mold and mildew
  • Body impressions in the memory foam or Adaptive Foam layers that are shallower than 0.75”
  • Allergies or sensitivities to the mattress materials (ask a customer care rep before you buy if you’re not sure)
  • Natural odors from the mattress materials, including temporary off-gassing
  • Tears, liquid stains, or burns

What Voids the Warranty?

There are a handful of actions that can void your T&N mattress warranty, so make sure you avoid the following:

  • Using a box spring, platform bed, or other foundation that can’t adequately support the weight of the mattress and any sleepers (email if you have questions about the bed frame you plan to use)
  • Storing or using your mattress in dirty conditions (ex: a room with flooding or pet excrement) 
  • Burning or cutting your mattress, even on accident (we know you love that scented candle, but keep it away from your bed)
  • Physically abusing your mattress (ex: pretending the mattress is a trampoline)
  • Veering from the T&N’s recommended cleaning guidelines 
  • Storing the mattress in a room that is unprotected or infested with creepy crawlers
  • Using your mattress in a rental space
  • Buying your mattress from anyone other than Tuft & Needle or one of their authorized retailers

Decoding The Fine Print

We’ve also compiled a list of fine print need-to-know details. Here you go:

  • Most importantly, keep your original purchase receipts. It’s likely you will need to show proof of original ownership in order to file a claim. 
  • The T&N warranty only applies to the person who first buys the T&N mattress from an authorized retailer. Second hand or floor model mattresses aren’t eligible. 
  • If your original mattress is repaired or replaced, your warranty period doesn’t start over or get extended.
  • You can only file a warranty claim if your T&N mattress is located in the USA. Why? T&N won’t process shipping to international locations.

Filing a Claim

The process to file a warranty claim is slightly different depending on whether you bought your mattress directly from Tuft & Needle or from Amazon. In either case, your new mattress should arrive quickly, since T&N produces all of their mattresses in the United States. We’ll walk you through the claim processes below.

Tuft & Needle Claim

Email with your current address, photos of the defect, and photos of the white law label tags on your mattress. The T&N support team will email back confirming whether or not your defect is covered. If it is, they’ll work with you to either pick up or donate/dispose of your original mattress and then ship you a replacement.

Note: Extra shipping and handling charges may apply to mattress replacements in Alaska or Hawaii.

Amazon Claim

If you bought your mattress from Amazon, email T&N at, and include the following: 

  • The name and email address associated with your Amazon account and mattress order
  • The billing address used for your order and your current shipping address
  • Your Amazon order number
  • A screenshot or photo of your Amazon order invoice
  • Photos of the defect and the mattress white law label tags

The T&N Amazon team will respond with instructions on how to proceed with a repair/replacement or a resolution for damages not covered under warranty.



Why is T&N’s warranty only 10 years long?


According to T&N, mattresses should be replaced every 8-10 years because of the buildup of sweat, dead skin cells, and other unhygienic substances in the polyfoam. This warranty period is comparable to competitors like Purple and Casper who also have a 10-year limited warranty.


Why does my firm or medium-firm T&N mattress feel softer after using it for a few months or years?


Mattresses break in just like shoes or your favorite sofa. They’re still effectively supportive and pressure relieving, but they may feel a touch softer than when you first began using them. It’s also normal for the spot where you sleep to feel a little softer than other unused parts of the mattress. Rotate your mattress every 3-4 months to prevent uneven impressions from developing over time.


How do I register my T&N mattress warranty?


T&N doesn’t require you to register your warranty, since they only need your email address to view your order history. If you bought your mattress on Amazon, hold onto your online order confirmation email and order number. For orders from Lowe’s, keep your paper receipt or online order email.


Can I replace my current T&N mattress with a more expensive T&N mattress model?


If your original mattress is eligible for replacement under warranty, you may be able to pay the difference in price points for a more expensive product. For example, if you originally bought the Foam mattress, you may be able to upgrade to the Mint mattress. Reach out to a T&N support rep if you have questions about the specific model upgrade you would like.


What do I do if my T&N mattress doesn’t work for my sleeping position?


Fortunately, T&N offers a 100-night sleep trial and generous return policy. As long as you are within the trial period, you can return or exchange your original mattress. For example, if you’re a side sleeper who bought the Hybrid mattress, but you don’t get enough pressure point relief from the innerspring support layer, you can swap it for an all-foam bed. Alternatively, T&N may recommend an extra soft mattress topper.