GhostBed Mattress Return Policy Breakdown

By Rachael Harris

Jan 19th, 2021

GhostBed—a subsidiary of Nature’s Sleep—has quickly become a popular luxury bed-ina-box mattress brand. Each of their memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses contains cutting-edge cooling technology with a medium-firm feel ideal for the average sleeper. 

One reason why people love buying from online mattress companies is that they tend to come with generous trial periods, and GhostBed is no exception. GhostBed’s 101-night sleep trial applies to each of their 4 mattresses: the original, the Luxe, the Flex, and the Matrix 3D Hybrid. Learn more about this sleep trial, including how it works, how to make returns, and the fine print that you should know about.

101-Night Sleep Trial Period

Buying a new mattress is a big purchase. You spend hours comparing and evaluating countless mattresses, wait for the bed to arrive, and potentially wait days for it to fully expand and lose any off-gassing odor.   

The first night that you finally get to sleep on your new mattress is exciting. But what do you do if you don’t find your new mattress comfortable? If you experience pain at pressure points or wake up when your partner moves? 

Rest assured that you’re covered with GhostBed. Every GhostBed mattress, from the smaller twin and twin XL to the larger California king size mattress, is backed with a 101-night sleep trial and free returns. 

While no one wants to return a new mattress, it’s much better to do that than to try and make a mattress work that’s causing you to lose sleep or wake up in pain. 

But don’t assume that you won’t love your new bed if you struggle to get comfortable at first. It’s normal to take time to adjust to a new mattress.

Breaking In Your New Bed

A new mattress is a bit like a new pair of shoes—it can take awhile to get used to. Not only does your body need time to adjust to a new mattress, but the mattress itself must be broken in.

Every GhostBed mattress contains a memory foam layer. Memory foam requires repeated pressure before it reaches its final feel. It’s not uncommon to find a bed with memory foam a bit firmer at the beginning that you’d wanted, only to feel right at home a few weeks later. A similar thing occurs with a latex mattress, and the GhostBed original has a layer of latex foam, too. 

For this reason, GhostBed asks that you keep your new mattress for 30 days before initiating a return. After sleeping on your new bed for a few weeks, you’re likely to find it much more comfortable than you did on day 1. 

After 30 Days

If you’re still struggling to get a good night’s sleep after 30 days, chances are the mattress isn’t the right fit. You can always try a mattress topper for a more plush feel and give that a try, but if you’re confident that there’s a better mattress out there for you, it’s time to initiate a return.

You have 101 days from the shipping date to return your GhostBed mattress. Be sure to initiate a return between days 31 and 100 so that you can find your perfect bed. And don’t worry about wasting a new mattress—GhostBed works with local charities to be sure that your bed doesn’t go to waste! 

After the return, you’ll receive a full refund. You can then use that money to find the right mattress for you.  

The Return Process

Returning a GhostBed mattress is simple. In fact, it’s a lot easier than almost any other return that you make! Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the return process works. 

Step 1: Contact GhostBed

To initiate a return, the first step is reaching out to GhostBed after day 30 but before day 101. You can do this in the following ways:

  1. Call them at 1-855-855-4499
  2. Email them at
  3. Live chat at

They’ll need to identify your order, so pull up the receipt or email with the order number to expedite the process. 

Step 2: Complete the Requested Information

GhostBed may ask you to fill out a form or send photos. The form is to help them organize the return while the photos demonstrate that your mattress is still in great condition. It must be in good shape or the local charity won’t take it and GhostBed won’t refund your money. 

To keep your new mattress safe, we recommend using a waterproof mattress cover from the first night you sleep on the bed. You don’t want a spill or other accident to make it so you can’t return the mattress. 

Step 3: Prepare for Mattress Pickup

GhostBed will work with you and a local charity to schedule a time and a date for mattress pickup. While you won’t need to rebox your mattress, you must prepare it for donation. This typically includes carrying it to your front door and being home for the mattress pickup. 

Step 4: Watch for Your Refund

GhostBed will refund your purchase only after the mattress has been successfully donated. Expect to see your refund within 3 business days from the date of mattress pickup. It will be refunded to your original form of payment. 


GhostBed does accept exchanges. If you want to swap out one GhostBed mattress for another, simply follow the same steps provided above with one caveat: know what mattress you want to exchange for when you contact customer service. 

When you speak with customer service, they’ll want to know which mattress you want. Only after your mattress is picked up will your new mattress be shipped. This means you’ll have a few days to a week without the replacement mattress. At that time, the difference will either be charged or credited to your original form of payment. 

Your replacement mattress will no longer have a trial period. GhostBed only accepts one return per household, and an exchange qualifies. This means that your replacement GhostBed mattress is a final sale.

The Extra-Fine Print

While GhostBed’s return policy is fairly straightforward, every sleep trial has some fine print that might surprise you. Here’s an overview of the details you should know about before trying to return your bed. 

  • Returns are only allowed in the contiguous United States. While GhostBed does ship to Hawaii and Alaska, they do not accept returns or exchanges from customers in these states. 
  • Only one return is allowed per household, so if you buy more than one GhostBed mattress, you won’t be able to return more than one. 
  • Any free gifts, such as free GhostBed pillows, must be either mailed back at the purchaser’s expense or paid for at a discounted rate. 
  • Only GhostBed mattresses purchased directly from GhostBed at qualify for their sleep trial. If you buy your new GhostBed mattress from Amazon, you’ll need to go through them for a refund, and the trial period is only 30 days. 
  • If you used a Groupon voucher, you cannot return your mattress. 
  • Choosing the wrong mattress size is not covered. Be sure that you think about the best size of mattress for your needs. For instance, most couples need a queen-size mattress or larger, and taller people tend to prefer the extra leg room offered by a Cal king
  • Documentation must be received in a timely manner. If it’s received more than 30 days after the end of your trial period, you will not be able to return the mattress. 
  • Unopened mattresses can be returned, but there will be a 15% restocking fee. 
  • Your mattress must be in like-new condition to be eligible for a return. Spills, bed bugs, or other damage may void the return. 

Signs You Need a Different Mattress

Are you unsure if your issues are big enough to warrant returning your mattress? Here are some signs that the GhostBed might not be the right choice for you. 

  • Motion transfer: If you wake up when your partner moves around, that’s a sign that your mattress isn’t isolating motion sufficiently. Check out our top picks for the best mattresses for couples for more restful sleep. 
  • Pain at pressure points: Not all GhostBed mattresses don’t have an ultra-plush top layer. While they’re great at contouring, some may not offer the level of pressure relief needed by side sleepers. We recommend the GhostBed 3D Matrix for a softer comfort layer.  
  • Too soft or too firm: Every GhostBed mattress is medium-firm, and while medium-firm works for all sleep positions, stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress, while side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress.

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Do other GhostBed products have a 101-night trial?


No, only GhostBed mattresses have the 101-night trial. The adjustable base, bed frame, Ghostpillow, and other accessories are all final sale.


Is the GhostBed trial better than that of other mattress companies?


The GhostBed trial is on par with that of the average bed-ina-box mattress company, with popular companies like Casper and Leesa offering 100-night trials. You can find the rare year-long trial, however, some companies charge a fee for returns, and brick-and-mortar store return policies are rarely as generous.

GhostBed Mattress Review Highlights

  • Original GhostBed mattress: With cooling technology like Ghost Ice fabric and cooling gel memory foam, this latex foam and memory foam mattress is responsive and cool. 
  • GhostBed Luxe mattress: A memory foam mattress that excels at keeping the spine aligned and easing back pain
  • GhostBed Flex mattress: A hybrid mattress excellent for couples thanks to impressive motion isolation, edge support, and springs that support adult rendezvous.
  • GhostBed 3D Matrix mattress: A hybrid bed with added pressure relief for side sleepers.